Oakwood Park Travellers- MEQ

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Dear Cllr Ioannou

I do apologise for not sending this response sooner as I had received a similar enquiry to which you had been copied in.

You may now be aware that the encampment was dealt with last Friday and I am pleased to advise that the Park was left in a tidy manner and all rubbish was bagged as agreed and collected during their short stay and indeed at the end of their occupation by Council officers;

Presently during Covid 19 the guidance from the MHCLG whilst dealing with encampments is such that the Council have agreed that each site will be assessed on the following criteria below prior to decisions being made around enforcement.

  1. Public Health Risk
  2. Health & Safety Risk
  3. Illegal Activity ( it needs to med- high risk)

The Council do have a Borough wide injunction but as highlighted above there is currently guidance around how Councils deal with encampments during Covid 19; in addition there is a moratorium on evictions proceedings which has being extended until the end of September.

Welfare assessments also are critical; they need to be conducted so that we can identify any concerns and assist or support those that may need primary health care or other types of  support during lock down. During the assessment two occupants presented with acute health issues so this combined with availability of police resources meant a temporary short stay was granted through a leniency agreement. This was implemented by the Council and the Police collaboratively  and the occupants were happy to comply and did and were closely monitored by us and the neighbourhood ward team.

Thanks for your patience and understanding whilst we dealt with this matter.

Kind regards

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