Parked Ambulances around Southgate- MEQ

Here is the full council response to the concerns of the increased number of ambulances parked around the Southgate area, especially down The Vale:

“Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your member enquiry regarding the parking and cleaning of ambulances on the public highway.

I know that your primary concern was the cleaning out of the vehicles and any potential for the transmission of infection.  We have spoken to the Concerns Team at the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who confirmed that XXXX are a registered provider. They will be speaking with the company regarding parking and cleaning of their vehicles on the  public highway.

I note from your email that you refer to XXXXXXX, XXXXX and XXXXXX. I have referred these details and associated registration numbers to the CQC for further investigation by them.

The ambulances that are parked in Southgate are private ambulances which provide patient transport services, transporting service user to medical appointments. They are not afforded the benefit that a LAS emergency ambulance has for parking. We are of the view that these private ambulances should not be parked on the highway, but should be located off road. It is the responsibility of the business operator to ensure that this is done. It is not appropriate for the business operator to use our highway as an extension of his business to park overnight, which is the case here.

In July 2019 a CPN Warning was issued on Patient Transport Service Ltd to cease parking these vehicles on the highway. Further visits to monitor the roads demonstrated that this notice was complied with. As a result of recent complaints and councillor member enquiries the Envirocrime team have been visiting the roads where the ambulances are alleged to be parked and have gathered enough evidence to now serve a Community Protection Notice on the business operator by the end of this week. The ward officer has contacted the business operator to advise him of this. Further monitoring will be carried out to ensure compliance. If the Community Protection Notice  is not complied with we will issue a FPN or prosecute.

With regards to the cleaning of the ambulance vehicles in the highway. This has been raised with the business operator. This is an offence under section 4 of the Cleaner Neighbourhoods Environment Act and that will also be addressed through regular site visits and if found to continue by either FPN or prosecution. The business operator has been advised by the ward officer to cease this.

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