Parking Sign for Leigh Hunt Drive- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

Can we please have an explanation as to why on High Street, Southgate N14, there are no clear directions for people wishing to park at Leigh Hunt Drive? Instead we only have one sign and that is before Leigh Hunt Drive on approach from Southgate Circus. I would encourage you to listen to the resident here as he makes a valid point, we should be promoting the public space available here and this in turn will benefit the local high street and secure businesses confidence that we are working for them.

Kind Regards,
Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou
Conservative Councilor for Southgate ward,
London Borough of Enfield


Dear Cllr Ioannou

I have raised your query about signs for the car park in Leigh Hunt Drive with colleagues in the Parking Service. They note that the car park is currently very well used, suggesting that motorists are already well aware of the facility. However, there is some merit in signing the car park from High Street and this will be investigated further.



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