Planters on the Greenway and The Ridgeway- MEQ

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Dear Department,

You are no doubt aware of the recent madness which has entered some of our local streets including Greenway. I am referring to something called WELCOME TO OUR STREET in the form of dangerous, hideous brown boxes plonked in the middle of the road.

Which insane person thought up this demented scheme which is a further assault on the motorist.? It is evident Enfield council has a vendetta against the motorist and elderly motorists in particular,  i.e. cycle lane etc but many in there middle 70s are supposedly expected to get on a bike?! 

The brown planters will cause a serious accident. Entering Greenway from The Bourne, the driver has to swerve sharply to the right to avoid hitting it. If there is a car approaching they could easily meet head on. If the car entering Greenway has to stop,  cars behind will build up and as a consequence will block the main road.

This also applies to the planter at the entrance to The Mall where the delay causes build up at the roundabout. If the Council  feel it is essential to continue this desecrations of our streets, could they at least be painted in a bright colour which will show up better at night. Will the Council continue to plant and maintain these things? I thought they were short of funds for essential services, this is the lunatics running the asylum.

Kind regards


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email. I have drafted a response to Ms XXXXXX below that you may wish to pass on.

The planters in the Fox Lane area have been placed as part of the Quieter Neighbourhoods scheme. This scheme aims to reduce traffic in our residential roads and neighbourhoods, with a focus on the streets that are used for ‘rat running’ or car users passing through to avoid the main roads. The planters are an experimental measure we are trialling to address safety concerns and try to keep traffic through these streets limited to residents as much as possible. Planters are set back from the edge of the junction and as such provide adequate stopping distance for the speeds that people should be travelling at as they turn into these residential streets.

We have recently provided more information on this scheme on our website, please see this link. This includes our approach for measuring the impact of this trial.

Kind regards,


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