Recycling Situation at Southgate Station- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

There are three bins outside Southgate Tube Station which have been taped up and therefore essentially out of order for almost three months now. Can we please get an idea of if the Council are looking to either:

1- Remove the Bins entirely
2- Fix the bins and make them fully operational

Clarity if possible.

Kind Regards,
Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou


Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the recycling bins placed at Southgate Tube Station. We are in the process of removing the recycling units from outside train stations, the team advised that the ones sited at Southgate Tube Station are bolted to the ground. We have arranged for a team to assist with the removal and the units should be removed next week.

We had received a request to remove all the recycling units from outside stations for safety reasons, the units are in poor state and we are unable to repair them . At the moment we have no replacements but are looking for different more robust bin types which we hope to re-introduce in the coming months with the agreement of TFL.

Best Regards


One thought on “Recycling Situation at Southgate Station- MEQ

  1. Shame on Enfield Council not considering safety, durability, maintenance etc prior to the installation.
    Another example of our council tax being misappropriated

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