Replanting of Trees on Wynchgate- MEQ

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Dear Department,

I refer to the message below from the resident who is concerned about the plight of removed trees along her road, Wynchgate N14.

Can we please provide an explanation as to why the trees were removed, and how many trees in total have been removed over the past five years?

Can we please also get a replacement tree for outside 100 Wynchgate?

I understand the tree was being maintained and funded partially by the resident. Therefore aren’t we as council obliged to replant prior fielded trees?

Kind Regards,

Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou
Conservative Councilor for Southgate ward,


Dear Councillor Stephanos Ioannou

Thank you for your enquiry regarding tree removal and replacement on Wynchgate N14. My understanding of your enquiry is that you would like to know why trees have been removed on Wynchgate; how many trees have been removed over the last 5 years and would we be able to replace a tree removed outside 100 Wynchgate.

I can advise that our records show that over the past 5 years a total of 4 trees have been removed from Wynchgate N14. Two of these where dead on inspection and the other two were in extreme states of decline.

We do not currently provide a tree sponsorship opportunity within the highways but this is something we are looking to develop. With relation to your constituents claim that the tree removed was being partially funded and maintained by your constituent I can confirm that we are unaware of this arrangement. However it is common for residents to assist with watering during the growing season that we do promote and encourage.

As with all highways tree stock once removed it automatically populates a list for replacement planting in the following financial years planting season.

In this instance two locations within Wynchgate have been inspected and scheduled for replacement planting in the current planting season. One of these locations is outside 100/102 Wynchgate and I expect the tree to be planted before the end of March.

I hope this has answered your enquiry.

Yours sincerely

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