Rubbish and fly tipping in Southgate- MEQ

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your recent enquiry about the rubbish in Southgate

The Street Cleansing Team has informed me that Street Cleansing staff will if possible return small amounts of trolleys to the supermarket carpark. The trolley’s mentioned in the email were all chained together so it was not possible for their staff to remove them, the Senior Chargehand for the area contacted the supermarket directly and they arranged for them to be collected the same day. The litter bin along the footpath was removed by Street Cleansing at the request of the allotment plot holders committee as it seemed to attract dumped waste. The footpath itself is visited twice weekly by a team and any fly tipped waste and litter is removed each time. This situation will be monitored by the area Senior Chargehand to see if any changes need to be implemented. With regards to Chase Road, the flower bad has been added to the daily cleanse by the hand barrow operative in Southgate and he now sweeps to Picard Close every day as well. Chase Road has also been added to a new Mechanical Sweeper beat in the area so improvements in the standard of cleansing should be quite visible moving forward

An inspection has been carried out by Waste Enforcement Officer, Francesca Skipp. At the time of inspection, the bins for Ladbrokes has been emptied and were clear overflowing waste. The purple bin in question has been relocated away from the pavement and the side waste removed. Enquiries are ongoing to ascertain which business is responsible for this bin as on site enquiries were unsuccessful. Francesca will serve notice on Ladbrokes and the other business once a responsible party is identified, regarding the presentation of commercial waste for collection and their responsibilities to ensure waste is kept contained and excess waste is dealt with accordingly. The footpath between the allotments was largely clear at the time of inspection, however a pile of mixed waste was located on the section leading to ASDA’s. This waste has bene referred to the Street Cleansing team for removal. Unfortunately on this occasion no evidence could be obtained, however much of the waste appears to have been generated on the allotment plots. The allotment team have been contacted regarding this matter. Francesca will continue to inspect this location and formal enforcement action will be taken where sufficient evidence allows. Some littering signage has been installed midway down the footpath and also where the sacks were located. Due to the high volume of fly-tipping signage at the Chelmsford Road end of the footpath, it was deemed that no additional signage of this type was required.

An Environmental Protection Officer has made contact with ASDA head office notifying them of the continuing problem with trolleys abandoned along the allotment. The Officer has requested for the store manager to arrange frequent daily checks and remove all trolleys.

I hope this answers your enquiry.

Kind Regards

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