Southgate Hanging Baskets- Done.

You asked for it- your Conservative team got it done.

Four years and another election over, Enfield Council finally acted upon my request to instal hanging baskets for Southgate.

I thoroughly believe that people are naturally attracted to High Streets that are clean, tidy and more importantly have an element of green space. Although these are a small addition to the Southgate area, they do add some green to a very concrete space.

This is the first step in a long journey in our request to ask the department to provide more green and green spaces to the Southgate Circus area, and we are hoping the coming years to build on this small improvement.

Do you have green ideas for Southgate? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Southgate Hanging Baskets- Done.

  1. The hanging baskets are an attractive contribution to our high street, but the central roundabout and the two flower beds (top of Chase Road and by Asda roundabout) are full of weeds and the Chase Road one has broken slabs on one side. With so many shops closed, Southgate is not looking like a particularly inviting area for new businesses. Rather than providing more green spaces for our area, I think the department needs to concentrate on maintaining the green areas we already have. I do realise that the two flower beds were originally sponsored by local businesses, but presumably judging by their condition, this is no longer the case?

  2. Like the Queen said in her Jubliee reign our planet has a Climate change issue and we must all do what we can to keep planting and preserve and protect our environment and future generations, anyway what happened to having pride in our areas to beautify them just like us when we enjoy presenting ourselves to the world with beauty ot just feels like where living in a very poor minded era.

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