Southgate Improvement Works

Hello Cllrs,

During previous engagement we have discussed a Town Centres Capital Improvement Programme in development for Southgate based on feedback from you and the wider community. This email is to let you know that the programme will now be starting from next Monday with repainting taking place covering the following areas: 

•             Railings around the station and along the main high street; 

•             Bollards around the station and along the main high street; and 

•             Hanging basket posts along the main high street 

As the programme is developed we will ensure you are updated.

Kind regards,

2 thoughts on “Southgate Improvement Works

  1. Improvements to our areas is a Great beginning to a brighter environment and a great way of living mentally and physically, I personally feel it does have huge affect on our health how we live our lives.

    I hope other Councillors around London will also have the same passion to invest in the People and Communities and follow suit too improving our rundown areas as we deserve a better future.

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