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I would like to inform you if the following:
1. The sauna not working since end sep. Before steam room was not working for a few months. This happens quite frequently and reporting to staff results in no results.
2. Cleanliness and hygiene poor, sinks, showers, cupboards need frequent cleaning as attended by huge no if school children and public.
3.Swimming pool floor and edges not clean.
4. Hairdryers grills often blocked with fluff which is a fire hazard.
4. Now, I heard they may be closing the centre which will be disastrous for local people as this is a health and fitness issue.
Please investigate this state of affair and let me know.


Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for forwarding the email below from a user of Southgate Leisure Centre.

I have spoken to the manager at Southgate Leisure Centre about the sauna and steam room and he confirmed that the steam room is working but the sauna is currently out of operation. I have asked for the sauna to be fixed as quickly as possible and will keep pressing to ensure this happens.

I carry out regular inspections at leisure centres and will check to make sure the centre is clean and well maintained. Fusion the operators of the leisure centres in the borough are gradually changing all clothing lockers at the centres to make them padlock operated, this because there have been ongoing issues with keys going missing for the key operated lockers. This will ensure there are sufficient clothing lockers available for all customers

There are no plans to close Southgate Leisure Centre, it is a very popular and well used facility.

We appreciate the customer taking the time to make contact, it is very helpful in ensuring that high standards are in place at the leisure centres.

Best Wishes,

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