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I want to bring to your attention a problem we have been experiencing for a few months now with regards to rubbish and fly tipping.

In the photos attached you can see the public bin by the bus stop is full and overflowing, not all of the rubbish is from bus stop users or passers by, a lot if it is household rubbish, taxi drivers drive up and dump whole bags of rubbish in there, a van has been seen on numerous occasions dumping bags of rubbish too.

This rubbish gets blown or carried by foxes into the residents gardens, onto the Grass verges, into the bushes.  We need to do something about this.  Some of the residents who live directly behind the bus stop have had large pieces of glass dumped in their bins and in the gardens as well as bags of rubbish.

I suggest replacing the bin with a bin like in Grovelands Park where it has an automatic opening so you can only throw in one or two Small items not bags of rubbish and possibly a cctv camera to catch the fly tipping too.

I look forward to hearing your views on this issue and what action can be made.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance


Dear Councillor

Thank you for your recent e-mails raising the concerns of your constituent XXXX about a litter bin at a bus stop near her property and must first apologise for the delay in replying.

We place litter bins at sites where people gather and litter is dropped.  Open top litter bins were used to make it easy for passing pedestrians to drop their litter in the bin rather than on the floor.  The problem is they also make it easy for people to dump entire sacks of rubbish in the bin.  This abuse then stops others using the bin for litter.

As you have said, we have to concentrate our resources on real problem areas and it is unlikely that CCTV would be used in this area.  However, I have placed an order for the open top litter bin to be exchanged for a domed-top bin which hopefully will deter people from trying to force their sacks of rubbish in to the smaller holes.  If this does not succeed and problems continue, we will consider removing the bin entirely.

I hope this is the outcome XXXXX was seeking.

Yours sincerely

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