Southgate LTN V.2-MEQ

Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Case: 101000588965

Thank you for your enquiry.

Through feedback from residents and traffic data captured in the area as part of the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood monitoring, Enfield Council has initiated a project to focus on the Queen Elizabeth Drive, Wynchgate and Park View area. The project is in its very early stages, and we have yet to apply for funding to progress the project in the next financial year. Therefore, at this stage there are no design proposals.

We anticipate the project will involve a detailed review of traffic volumes and speeds in the area, gathering community input on issues in the area, and the consideration of potential improvements. The project outcomes will be subject to future funding.

We will be updating Ward Cllrs before the launch of the first phase of community engagement which is anticipated to be in the next financial year (24/25).

A project page has been set up for the project which can be found here:

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