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Dear department, 

A resident here has commented on the state of the town centre. Clearly cleanliness, paving, seating, McDonalds and use of space outside Cynsergey is an issue. Please can these be logged onto the consolation? Also waste can these areas be cleaned please? I thought the 7-day cleaning team would help avoid this but clearly someone has dumped a big load in the area…


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Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email.

The Highways Team informs me that they have checked GIS and this area and the station is not LBE it belongs to TFL private land, with regards to the street Furniture the Benches, this has already been reported to TFL and they have not carried out any works only Harris fence off the area.

All blue street furniture at this location is the responsibility of TFL, the Black street furniture is LBE which is inkeeping with our Streetscape manual. As the railings are in a hard standing surface it is the inspector for the area to carry out any necessary repairs.

The Waste Enforcement Team informs me that Waste Enforcement Officers have been inspecting Southgate Town Centre and issue Fixed Penalty Notices where anyone is witnessed littering. Below is a Geo Map of FPNs issued since July 2020. It has been estimated that it costs some £1.8 million to remove cigarette related waste which is predominantly the most prevalent form of littering; it is also the most difficult to remove and does not, as many people think, biodegrade quickly.

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