STAR NEWS, GREECE: A Brexit Deal with the Parthenon Marbles

The timing of the interview was surrounding an article by the British newspaper
The Guardian, that the Parthenon Marbles could form a basis for the Greeks to veto Brexit talks.

I explained that although this could very well be the case, indeed the European Union will be the ones advocating such a stance. Under Article 50 of the European Union the Union has a right to protect existing members cultural heritage, and with that have no choice but to assist the Greeks on the possible request should it happen.

It’s worth remembering 500,000 Greeks now reside in the U.K, a significant increase from 2005, and the relationship between the two nations stretches deep in-time. In terms of students in both University systems, Greek and UK business in other countries, and as NATO allies, I am confident this wont be the most fuming issue that will be of Brexit talks and subsequent negotiations.

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