Tudor Way N14 waste issues- MEQ

This was in repsone to increased flytipping along Tudor Way.


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email regarding ongoing waste issues in Tudor Way N14 on behalf of your constituent, XXX.

We have identified a number of flats above shops locations, where the residential bins are or can be problematic – Tudor Way is included in this list.

Tudor Way will be subject to enhanced patrols by both myself as the ward officer and the Local Authority Support team.

Fly-tipped waste will be investigated and formal enforcement action taken where sufficient evidence allows.

Witnessed fly-tipping incidents can be reported on the Councils website. If residents can provide sufficient information, the matter will be investigated further.

Trade Waste Inspections are carried out systematically in and around the Southgate area, to ensure businesses are aware of their duty of care in respect of their commercial waste. If businesses are found to be fly-tipping their commercial waste, these matters are investigated fully.

In relation to the car park in the centre of Tudor Way, I am in contact with the agent who acts on behalf of the landowner. When there is an accumulation of waste or litter in this car park, it is often cleared swiftly when a request is made.

An inspection of Tudor Way will be carried out in due course.

Kind regards,

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