TVP INFO, POLAND: Brexit Interview

Midwives and manufacturers, lawyers and labourers, farmers and phone companies, unions and universities – they’ve spoken with one voice, proving the strength of feeling about Britain staying in Europe.

I don’t speak out of any love for Brussels – just a deep-hearted love for Britain. When I look at the EU I see 500 million people we can trade with and a network of countries we can combat crime with.
In times of economic uncertainty, when the threat of terrorism is so grave, I know we need those things more than ever.

And in an age when democracy, equality and human rights are no longer assured, the EU has become an even more powerful means of standing alongside those who share our fundamental values.
Remember Britain has the best of both worlds – a special status in the EU. We are part of the Single Market but keep our own currency. We can trade and travel but have kept our own borders.

While the Leave plan is left blank, we’re clear what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting for jobs. Three million people’s livelihoods are linked to trade with Europe, countless more indirectly. Indeed, every single job depends on a strong economy, which, in turn, depends on our membership of the EU. Last week the Governor of the Bank of England said we may suffer a new recession if we left. We know all too well who’s hit hardest in a ­recession – the poorest and most vulnerable.

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