Vehicles parking in the taxi rank at Ashfield Parade N14 [SEC=OFFICIAL]

This exchange is on behalf of the Southgate Police Team who asked for assistance in asking why the council have let the situation of parking on Ashfield Parade get so out of hand:

Original Email:

Dear XXXX,

Firstly I just want to say thank you for your email and even more thank you for taking the time to get involved and bring up these issues which affect our area. Like you I get really annoyed with the issue as some believe the parking rules don’t apply to them. Never the less I think it is important also you made these points because I can go to the department responsible and ask why enforcement isn’t being carried out enough

Dear Parking Team,

The issue raised here by Charlotte is not uncommon, it is something that I have asked the department on numerous occasion and never really get a progressive response. My points really are:

  1. If the department is aware that people are parking illegally down the taxi rank of Ashfield parade, why haven’t the department looked to increase the concentration of wardens in the area to ensure motorists are ticketed much more quickly and are thus disincentivised to this again next time?
  2. If the department do not wish to pursue this rank issue, they why haven’t the council looked at my solution prior where I asked for a sustainable urban drainage system (SUD) or put it more simply a green section to cover and takeover this disused rank?
  3. It is common knowledge that the ranks are not being used. The only ranks being used are on chase side and the Southgate station parade. Ashfield and Bourne avenue are literally almost never in use- I can almost say this is a fact. Now I am aware the mayors policy is not to decrease the number of ranks, but surely we can see the logic here and take either option one or two above to avoid the strip being misused?
  4. Can the police not working with Enfield parking services to at least better the stretch of road? I am happy to meet with both parties and we can discuss there?


Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your email.

Ashfield Parade has been highlighted as a parking problem and NSL have made an effort to make more visits.

I can confirm that since 1st April this year 340 visits have been made to Ashfield Parade and 45 Penalty Charge Notices have been issued to vehicles for being parked in the taxi rank.

Extra visits will continue here for the foreseeable future however I’m sure you will appreciate this isn’t always easy when the volume of parking complaints seems to be increasing generally across the borough.

With regard to removing the taxi rank altogether this is something the Traffic team would need to consider, their email is ‘’.

I hope this is of information.


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