Winchmore Hill Road- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

There is a borken bollard and a grass verge issue on the road above. Can we please have it resolved.


Dear Cllr  Ioannou

Thank you for your email dated 12 January 2020, regarding Winchmore Hill Road bollards . I can inform you that an inspection has been carried out and  only one bollard had been removed by the kerb.

It was also noted that there is a lot of grass verge damaged by the cross over to numbers 198 and 200. An order has been raised with our contractor to install 3 no bollards and the damaged grassed areas to be reinstated with turf. I addition I ‘ve  informed our crossover enforcement team, of the damaged caused, and requested that the team send a letter to the owners to extend their existing cross over to accommodate their large vehicles.

We will be looking to install the bollards and  reinstate the area  to its original condition within the next 4 weeks weather permitting.

Hope this answers you query




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