Winchmore Hill Road resurfacing conerns- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

I would like to raise some dissatisfaction with the recent resurfacing of Winchmore Hill Road.

As you will see from your records, a huge span of Winchmore Hill Road was recently resurfaced. However during this resurfacing program there has been little attention to the afterlook of the road, in particular I refer to the look of the islands along the road and the lighting bollards that have been both damaged and have been left in place.

I would therefore like to propose the following:

1- Can we please look to change all bollards on the road from the old version, to an updated new model. I refer to images left and right as new to old.
2- Can I please ask the council to look to change the actual base for these bollard islands. The old tarmac/concrete contrasts badly with the newly laid road.
3- With point (2) can we please look to install islands similar to that recently installed on the Greenway/Meadway junction?
4- I am available to meet with an officer to walk along the road if this helps.



Dear Cllr Ioannou,

In relation to your recent enquiry that following the recent carriageway resurfacing works you feel that the general condition of the bollards on the islands along Winchmore Hill Road has been highlighted.

The maintenance of the bollards along this and all roads in the borough fall under the Council’s Street Lighting PFI contract and as such I will request that they carry out an inspection of the bollards along Winchmore Hill Road to ensure that they conform the appropriate lighting and reflectivity standards. Unfortunately the Council has limited budgets to improve traffic islands, especially replacing them all with the type that are being trialled in Greenway as you are suggesting. The replacement would not only involve the complete excavation of the existing islands but also the disconnections from the power supplies and any associated ducted cable runs. As you can appreciate this would be a very expensive exercise.

The Council’s Street Lighting provider has through some traffic improvement schemes replaced traffic island bollards with what is called “Flecta” type bollards, which is the example you have shown below. However I spoken with colleagues in our Traffic and Transportation Team and they have advised me that there is currently no road safety case to expend money here. I will speak with our street lighting provider and see if they might look at replacing the old style bollards with new flecta’s however contractually they have no obligation to do so.


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