CRM MEQ 34865 – Broomfield Park Enquiry [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Original Email

Dear Parks Team,

I wish to enquire about the availability of café spaces in our borough. Particularly I would like to know the availability for the western side of the borough and more specifically Broomfield Park.

There is a local resident who is interested in setting up a space in the park area to serve coffees etc. and they were promised by the department that should a space become available they will be notified.

The resident has learnt that there is vacant space at the park mentioned and wishes to know how they can apply for this space.

Can we please have some guidance and can I ask the department get in touch with the resident?

Thank you


Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou thank you for your email.

The Property Team, in collaboration with our Parks colleagues, is currently in the process of conducting a review of park buildings across the borough, with a view to identifying unused/underused buildings where investment will deliver value for Enfield residents.

The former bowls club at Albany Park is currently being reviewed as part of this process, and is being considered for commercial lease by the Council, however unfortunately due to the large number of buildings under review, I cannot give you an exact timescale for when this might happen.

Enfield Council is keen to keep interested local residents updated on the progress of our review of park buildings.  We will be happy to add the enquirers to our list if you forward to me their email address so we are able to contact them.

Kind regards

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