Cyclist Parking at Southgate Circus- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

You would remember that the cast-iron gates on Southgate Circus had to be replaced, because cyclists were locking into them, and this meant that thefts had to involve destroying part of the gate, to remove and thieve a bike.

I am surprised therefore that in order to deter increasing costs, and the nuisance in the future of having to order another cast iron gate because of bikes, that we do not have a sign on the gates at Southgate Circus, outside the tube, stating clearly that cyclists are not allowed to lock their bikes on the cast iron gates here. Can we look to get a sign installed?

There is still a missing gate at Southgate ASDA roundabout.



Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for submitting the enquiry found below my signature.

Cycles locked to railings and similar can be viewed as evidence that local, formal cycle parking is insufficient or else not sited exactly where cyclists find it most convenient to use. We will review parking provision in the area with this in mind in the financial year just commencing.




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