MEQ 31692 Oakwood Park Road overgrown walkways [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Original Email

Dear Department,

Having gone down The Vale, Oakwood Park Road and Oakwood Avenue it is clear that the shrubs need some attention and cleaning up given the recent weather has mean they have grown quite fast.

I therefore ask the department when we can expect a crew member to visit and sort out the overgrown bushed on the roads mentioned and also at the entrances to oakwood park


Dear Councillor Ioannou,

Thank you for getting in contact and sharing your enquiry, I do trust that you and your family are well.

The service has returned back in house, operating as part of the overall park’s service. We can confirm that a team will visit the areas highlighted as an issue and reduce vegetation and cut verges.

Recent weather has impacted on the growth rate, however this is considered a short term situation.

Yours sincerely,

streetside hedge in east London town

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