Southgate Chase Side rubbish issue MEQ


Dear Department,

I am emailing you regarding the state of Southgate high street- i.e. Chase Side.

On a hot summers day, and at a time when resident of the ward come out to enjoy the outdoors and visit local shops, we have to bare witness to a number
of eyesores in the heart of Southgate.

I have attached images which present two points of concern:

1- Advertisements.

The electronic advertisement boards have for some time now not been functioning on our high street. Can the Council maintenance department please ensure these boards which have malfunctions are fixed soon, and ensure they are kept intact so we can attract hopefully even more advertisers. I have attached some images showing just some of the boards malfunctioning. If Enfield Council are not responsible for these boards could you please take up with the relevant company in charge, and email me the correspondence address too so I can follow up?

2- Environmental disposal.

I have attached images showing rubbish left in bags ready for collection. These bags are always taken out by businesses in broad daylight, typically on the weekends, and it is an eyesore for shoppers and all members who have to walk past and watch them ooze out with hazardous juices ext. Adding to that point, having walked past myself, I was worried to see pets trotting into the juices from bins. This is a tremendous shame for our ward that we have to live with the continuous rubbish on Chase Side, and watch them sit there to be collected, typically for a good 2-3 days. It is hazardous, smelly, an eyesore, and quite frankly the high street should be in a better state.

My request are therefore:

1) Will Enfield Council ensure these advertising boards are fixed asap and maintained in future?

2) Will Enfield Council look to improve the environmental waste disposal on our high street, and look to invest in some containers that are off-street-view so that commercial waste is disposed of, but out of public view?

3) Can the Council clarify how often commercial waste (oranges and green bags if they are?) is collected from Chase Side where the parade of shops are?

4) Can the Council clarify if metal racks, left on the high street by businesses as shown on one of the attachments, is allowed on our high street?

I hope to hear from you soon.


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your enquiry.

In relation to the persistent fly tipping issues at Chase Side, this location is cleansed once a week, on a Thursday afternoon. Attached is a map depicting the areas Enfield Council cleanse, including the service access road from Chase Side. Any fly tipped materials found to contact evidence of where the waste has come from, is referred to and investigated by the Waste Enforcement Team.

The rear service road, behind The New Crown Weatherspoon PH, is privately owned and any accumulations are the responsibility of the landowner to maintain. The Waste Enforcement Team shall be inspecting this service road for fly tips during our pro-active inspections.

Furthermore, the flats above shops at this location are provided with waste bins and the collection day is every Tuesday. The waste should be contained within the bin and last week an additional collection had been carried out. Where bins are provided, Waste Services do not issue grey sacks.

Kind Regards,

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