BBC VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE, U.K: Conservative Party Conference Analysis


On the 7th of October 2015 I was invited by the Victoria Derbyshire program to talk about the Conservative Party conference taking place at that time.

Or for a more detailed take on the interview, please look at the questions and answers below.

I was asked about the:
1)The general atmosphere at conference.
2)What I thought on the Chancellors speech.
3)What I thought about Theresa Mays speech.

1) In regards to the atmosphere at conference, I mentioned how although there was a sense of “Comfort” within everyone that we now have a majority government, there was no room for complacency and for loosing pace on urgent reform that needed to be done. I also raised the speeches of the Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary, for which I praised for being both “Reassuring” and “True to our values of being Conservatives”.

2) I expressed how the Chancellors speech was a “Pillar of stability” for the north, and that it was about time the regions up north received some investment for which so long under previous governments they were deprived of. The idea of the Northern Powerhouse I also welcomed, as not only does it help to boost popularity for the region, but it encourages investment by businesses and hopefully may help to reduce unemployment. Generally I also mentioned how it was reassuring not only for areas like Manchester, but for the whole of England, that the government is looking to spread the opportunity and wealth throughout cities across England, and trying to provide a solution to the North and South investment inequality.

3) On the question for Theresa Mays speech, I had a mixed answer. I expressed my frustration that the speech “Did not go deep enough on immigration”. Having set targets, and by missing those targets, we are accountable to the electorate that gave us their vote and we must now act to set about achieving them once and for all.

The “In/ Out Referendum” was not really touched upon. Finally I mentioned that the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis should come to the British government more than ever, and that either we must help financially through humanitarian aid, or other means.

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