Blagdens Lane Pavement Issue- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

I am concerned by the number of emails I am getting referring to the sub-standard quality of finishing that has been produced, by those that recently renewed the pavement along Blagdens Lane.

Can I please therefore ask that we get an inspection of the finishing of the pavement, and asked that the following are taken into account:

  1. Not a smooth finishing. It seems to me that there are puddles being formed in the pavement, meaning that it isn’t straight.
  2. The condition of the curb isn’t entirely straight.
  3. The workers have seemed to have left some mess along the stretch of road, can we please make sure this is cleared.
  4. It seems that the renewed pavement has led to a deterioration of the actual road its self. Residents are calling stressing that the workers didn’t take care and thus have damaged part of the road.

Please can we get this looked into.

Kind Regards

Response Email:

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Councillor Ioannou,

Thank you for your email regarding the pavement renewal works in Blagdens Lane and the issues raised by residents.

I have visited site to check on the issues raised. I am satisfied that the final surface course and the kerbs that have been laid are in accordance with the council’s standards. When had laying asphalt there is inevitably some undulations, which may hold a small amount of water but this should dissipate very quickly, and should not impair the use of the pavement. I did not notice any mess along the road other than a couple of signs on lamp columns, which I have asked the contractor to remove. Regarding the issue of the deterioration of the road surface, there has been some damage to the surface cource of the road which is un-avoidable when the existing kerbs are removed and which I was aware of. Remedial works to rectify this is due to be undertaken on 12 September.

I hope the above answers your query and the issues raised.




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