Cleaning Southgate Concerns (2)- MEQ

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Councillor Ioannou

Thank you for your recent e-mail raising the concerns of your constituent xxxxxxx about a number of littering issues.

The pavement outside Chase House has been thoroughly swept and the glass cleared.  I apologise for the delay in this.  I had been assured that the work had been carried out but obviously not to an acceptable standard.

The footpath between M&S and Pure Gym has been cleansed and the area senior chargehand is aware that this is to be maintained.

The pavement outside the shop at the junction of Chase Road and Hillside Grove is cleansed weekly and the channels in Hillside Grove have been treated with weedspray.

The footpath running from Chase Side to Chase Road by the allotments is cleansed twice weekly.  This will be checked more thoroughly in future.

Yours sincerely

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