Conditions Arising from the Licensing Sub-Committee Hearing of the Review Application for Maxi Food & Wine on 4/1/23

Annex 1 – Mandatory conditions

The Mandatory Conditions are attached and form part of the Operating Schedule of
your licence/certificate. You must ensure that the operation of the licensed premises
complies with the attached Mandatory Conditions as well as the Conditions in Annex
2 and Annex 3 (if applicable). Failure to do this can lead to prosecution or review of
the licence.

Annex 2 – Conditions consistent with the Operating Schedule

  1. There shall be no adult entertainment or services, activities or matters ancillary to
    the use of the premises that may give rise to concern in respect of children.
  2. Alcohol shall be securely stored, locked away from other stock with limited key
  3. Youths shall be discouraged from loitering outside the premises.
  4. A Central Station Alarm system shall be installed, operated and maintained at the
    premises. The system shall comply with EU50131 and shall include a panic button
  5. Unaccompanied children under 14 are not allowed to enter the premises after
  6. A prominent, clear and legible notice shall be displayed at the exit requesting the
    public to respect the needs of local residents and to leave the premises and the area
    Annex 3 – Conditions attached after a hearing by the Licensing Authority.
  7. Non-duty paid tobacco or alcohol must not be stored or sold from the premises or
    from any motor-vehicle.
  8. A ‘Think 25’ proof of age scheme shall be operated, and relevant material shall be
    displayed at the premises.
  9. A written record of refused sales shall be kept on the premises and completed
    when necessary. This record shall be made available to Police and/or the Local
    Authority upon request and shall be kept for at least one year from the date of the
    last entry.
  10. Signs shall be prominently displayed on the exit doors advising customers that
    the premises is in a Public Space Protection Order Area (or similar) and that alcohol
    should not be taken off the premises and consumed in the street. These notices shall
    be positioned at eye level and in a location where they can be read by those leaving
    the premises.
  11. Only the Premises Licence Holder or Designated Premises Supervisor shall
    purchase alcohol and / or tobacco stock.
  12. Alcohol and tobacco stock shall only be purchased from registered wholesalers.
  13. The premises licence holder shall ensure that all receipts for goods bought are
    kept together in a file or folder as evidence that they have been brought into the UK
    through legal channels. Receipts shall show the following details:
    (a) Seller’s name and address;
    (b) Seller’s company details, if applicable;
    (c) Seller’s VAT details, if applicable.
    Copies of these documents shall be retained for no less than 12 months and shall be
    made available to police or authorised officers of the council on request within five
    working days of the request. The most recent three months’ worth of receipts shall
    be kept on the premises and made available to the police or authorised officers of
    the council on request.
  14. All tobacco products that are not on the tobacco display shall be stored in a
    container clearly marked ‘Tobacco Stock’. This container shall be kept within the
    storeroom or behind the sales counter.
  15. Tobacco products shall only be taken from the tobacco display behind the sales
    counter to make a sale.
  16. No Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) should be stored or sold to consumers.
  17. All staff shall be trained, and re-trained every six months, with regard to the sale of alcohol, smuggled goods, drugs and the promotion of the licensing objectives. A record of all such training must be kept for at least 24 months.
  18. A CCTV system shall be installed, operated and maintained at the premises. The
    system shall conform to the Data Protection Act guidelines. Cameras shall monitor
    the front entrance doors, till area, alcohol displays and the outside of the premises.
    The time and date shall be generated onto recordings, which shall be of a quality to
    satisfy the Police and which shall be retained for a minimum of 31 days. At all times there shall be at the premises a member of staff who can operate the CCTV system and provide any copies of the CCTV footage when lawfully requested.
  19. All members of staff are required to hold a personal licence.

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