Gloucester Court Waste Management- MEQ

Original and Response email:

Dear Cllr  Ioannou

Many thanks for your email regarding Gloucester Court. In answer to the points you have raised:

  1. Please can the council let residents know why they were missed next time

 Generally where there is an issue with communal properties and the collection of waste or recycling the service will email the management agent to advise what the issue is and what needs to be done. It would be the management agents responsibility to update the residents.

Refuse crews will return the following day or before the next scheduled collection

Recycling bins are generally not collected as they are rejected for containing items not accepted at the recycling facility, the council does not have a designated resource to clear rejected bins, although at a cost to the service will put a crew out when a vehicle and staff are available on most occasion this is Saturday work unplanned. Where a recycling bin is rejected the crew would normally place a rejection sticker across the bin that advises residents as to why the bin was not cleared. It is not possible to contact every resident.

  1. Can the council try not to leave bins uncollected.

Collection are scheduled on a weekly basis and are set. Un occasions collections can not be carried out , due to contamination , dumped waste in front of the bins preventing access , broken or damaged bins , or no access due to parking, just to name a few. Every effort is made to clear as planned 

  1. Can the council please accompany myself and a key resident to a site visit, to see for themselves that the amount of bins for the number of flats isn’t good enough.

I will ask my colleague who manages the contract with the managing agent to arrange a site visit although this will not occur during Purdah and would suggest you let me know your availability

  1. I have also CC’d the management company so that they are aware residents are crying out for extra bins… I would appreciate some feedback from your part too.

Management agent hire the refuse  communal bins and it will be up to them to decide if they want to hire additional bins, there is no hire cost for recycling bins, there needs to be a room for the bins to be stored and access as per the service requirements ,all of which can be agreed on or before the site visit.

I trust this answers the questions you have raised, however if I can be of any further assistance please do let me know.

Best Regards

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