Green Lanes Cycle Lane Drainage- MEQ


Dear Department,

I have attached some images of photos taken by business owners along Green Lanes, Palmers Green.

I have had both residents and business owners come forward to me today, to talk about the issue of flooding on their premises given the recent downpours. While I recognise that there was indeed a weather warning in place, I do feel that the images provided extend the situation beyond just a simple weather glitch like today.

The Cycle Lane here has failed to adequately drain the pouring rain effectively enough, leading to a pavement that clearly cannot be utilised. Further to this problem, pedestrians are left to walk along the cycle lane that poses a hazard to anyone of any age. Given the poor visibility as well here, it is leading to an accident waiting to happen.

My Enquiries here are simple:

-Were Enfield Council aware when planning the Cycle Lane, that the issue of flooding will extend this far as to cause a closure of public paths?

-Were Engineer/designers aware that the gradient of the slope of the pavement here meant that it was inevitable that flooding would be a risk?

-Given that custom of the businesses along the A105 strip have been affected by this scheme, will Enfield Council seek to reimburse or provide some
relief to the businesses who had to deal with water entering their shops today?

I am willing to meet with a road traffic engineer to discuss this issue, and even meet them together with the local business owners who were affected here.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your enquiry to which I have been asked to respond.

First let me say how sorry I am to hear of the issues your ward residents had with the effects of the recent heavy downpours and any inconvenience this may have caused them. However, we believe the drainage systems introduced as part of the scheme are appropriate and have adopted an approach using the principles in the latest guidelines for drainage. While drainage systems are designed to manage with high levels of rainfall, the levels of rain, as predicted by the Met Office, of up to 80mm within a couple of hours, are highly infrequent and may cause flooding as happened across wide parts of London and the South-east and not solely along the A105.

We will, of course, continue to monitor these locations to ensure that the new drainage systems are appropriate and take any suitable action should that be required.

Prior to the Cycle Enfield Scheme, some sections of the A105 did suffer some flooding problems due to very flat footway falls and low shop thresholds. In order to not exacerbate the problem and improve the situation, a combination of trapped gullies, permeable cycle lane surfacing with perforated drainage and rain gardens has been used.

Should any business or resident affected wish to pursue a claim they should in the first instance contact our insurance department via


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