Meadway Double Yellow Lines- MEQ

Interest from householders in the yellow lines here has been expressed across a number of years. The department has been reticent, not wishing to contravene its own ‘policy’ on not applying yellow lines that may be viewed primarily as seeking to deal with issues of private domestic access.

However, the department recognises a related problem at this location. Namely that the presence of the commercial premises brings an inevitable demand for parking and loading space across the day. While the awkward road layout (in terms of admitting large vehicles around the junction) brings the need for extensive restrictions to prevent hindrance to fire engines. A proposal was drawn up attempting to address this issue, in the hope it could be taken forward under the Quieter Neighbourhood work across the wider area. Sadly it did not feature in the final plans.

I believe there remains a case to formalise some parking and loading space to serve the premises. Strengthening an area of footway to allow for a 2-wheel footway loading bay is the core proposal. Regrettably, with physical works of that type being costlier than road markings alone I am obliged to defer further action until a funding opportunity arises. However, I also believe the road marking component outside numbers 71 etc could come forward in isolation, and that doing so would represent a closer match to reassurances provided by officers to householders, than the option of continuing to do nothing.

Accordingly I am proposing to consult locally on the new yellow lines shown in the attached. This will need to follow the statutory consultation process, as with any other newly proposed parking restriction in the public highway. I think it likely that no objections would arise, and this being the case, proceeding with implementation would be a relatively cheap, easy course of action.

4 thoughts on “Meadway Double Yellow Lines- MEQ

  1. Why don’t you just put in the bumps instead of making all these problems with pollution delays and v C losing of businesses

  2. How is this different to Wynchgate where we had double yellows which the cohncil removed. I hope that Meadway residents do get the double yellow lines and we on Wynchgate will be asking for them too.

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