MEQ 34821 – Crown Lane Parking Offences [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your email.

At its south-eastern end Crown Lane has pay and display bays and other controls associated with its proximity to the retail centre and to rear servicing areas. Sadly, the convenience of living immediately adjacent to town centre locations often comes with the drawback of nuisance parking activity. Further north-west, the street has the typical arrangement of controls that are applied in Enfield’s controlled parking zones, in line with government advice; i.e. permit bays interspersed with single yellow lines at crossovers. Although some of the southern side premises may fall within Barnet, the parking controls on both sides are Enfield’s. We do not have plans to review these controls, at present.

A driver parking on the footway commits an offence that our parking enforcement officers can enforce against on sight. Likewise a driver who is double parked. Likewise a driver who parks on the single yellow line within the operational period. I have contacted the parking team to make them aware of the complaints.

The single yellow line deters rogue drivers from leaving vehicles blocking crossovers during the period when parking elsewhere adjacent would involve the explicit offence of occupying a bay without the necessary permit. Outside of the controlled period, the arrangement means households retain the freedom to leave vehicles across their own dropped kerbs. As with crossover obstruction at any other site, enforcement activity outside the controlled period relies on the householder reporting the offending vehicle before action can commence.

Upgrading single yellow lines to double yellow lines requires us to follow a statutory consultation process and draft legal documents called traffic orders. Even if the measure were universally supported by every household in the street, any member of the public who happened to see the posted notices and submit an objection would force the Council to document a decision-making process before it could proceed with the changes. This draw on our resources explains our reticence to commit to any given request for yellow lines other than those we deem of highest priority, namely where lines are needed to ensure fire engines can gain access to culs-de-sac and so forth.

In addition, the department has remained faithful for many years to the principle that it does not add yellow lines when they are sought primarily to aid domestic access. Rather it asks households who suffer crossover obstruction to continue using the parking enforcement team when an intervention is required. Wishing to remain faithful to that principle, I do not wish to commit to adding the double yellow lines that are requested.


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