MEQ- Ashfield Parade Parking Controls

Thank you for your enquiry.

You will see by the attached that every section of kerbside in Ashfield Parade is already in benefit of parking controls; as yellow lines or pay-and-display parking bays. A yellow line, not reinforced by loading controls, has the effect of providing some informal parking areas for blue badge holders, who may leave a vehicle at the kerbside in this context for up to three hours providing doing so is not obstructive under the wider definition the police might apply. This can be useful in retail locations like Ashfield Parade.

Should the community advise us of any particular spots where the absence of sufficiently strong controls is allowing obstructive parking, we can consider upgrading them. Likewise if our parking enforcement team advises of any unwanted parking trends that the current arrangement does not provide for.


2 thoughts on “MEQ- Ashfield Parade Parking Controls

  1. Obviously no-one from the so called council ever visits Ashfield Parade. What a joke bog-standard reply using maps!

  2. The parking in Ashfield Parade is appalling and hazardous! Cars park everywhere, down the centre of the road marked for Taxis, on every yellow line and frequently parking on bends and across driveways. There should be constant monitoring in this road as the coffee shops encourage this parking. I’m amazed there have been no car or pedestrian accidents!

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