MEQ- Dropped kerb Avenue Road Southgate N14 4DA [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Cllr Ioannou

The approach to vehicular access is planning policy, with the Council’s set out in Policy 46 of the Development Management Document 2014: This policy has been tested a number of times at appeal, with the Planning Inspectorate supporting the Council’s approach the majority of the time.

As for electric vehicle charging provision, the Council has limited resources to provide chargers so they are targeted at areas where there is evidence of demand (for example several residents express an interest) or there is likely to be demand (for example areas inside the Ultra Low Emission Zone extension or where there is high density housing).

To date Avenue Road has not been identified as a potential location. As mentioned before, now there has been an expression of interest we can look at making provision in a future tranche of chargers. However, whilst we would like to provide charging points to satisfy individual needs, we already have a number of locations that have been identified so any provision will not be in the near future and is contingent on future funding being available.

Hopefully that answers the queries raised.

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