MEQ: Southgate gritting

Good afternoon Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for contacting us with regards to not gritting Wynchgate N14

I can confirm that Wynchgate is not on the Council’s Priority One Gritting routes.

Enfield’s winter maintenance policy sets out the priorities for gritting the main roads in the borough, which include public transport routes, and other routes that serve industrial and business centres, Council depots, and centres that serve emergency and critical services. Unfortunately not every road in the borough can be gritted due to the constraint on budgets. The Council however does grit 32% of its entire highway network, approximately 195kms, on every gritting occasion.

I have attached an extract from the website below of the surrounding roads which are gritted.

When there is ice or snow for long periods of time, we may also grit and clear:

  • busy pavements
  • roads around hospitals
  • train and bus stations

We may also send out snow ploughs if needed.

During heavy snow, we may provide salt sacks at key locations.  However, if the severe weather continues and there is high demand for road gritting, we may not refill salt sacks as regularly. There is a limited amount of salt, so please use it wisely for your community roads and pavements.

You can’t report or request gritting or snow clearance.

For more information on what we do during winter, refer to our winter maintenance plan (PDF) see attached.

This plan is reviewed every year and as a result, the roads we grit may change. You can also find out what you can do to get ready for winter from the Met Office.

I hope that this response has answered your enquiry and for your information the winter treatment routes can be found on the Council’s web site.

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