MEQ: Street Lighting Outside 75 Dalrymple Close [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Original Email from Southgate MPS

Dear Sir,

I am writing in regards to a problem that was brought to our attention by the residents at number 75 Dalrymple Close, N14, where the street light in the private car park has disaffected which caused an increase in the anti-social behaviour in the area. The residents are elderly and concerned that various unknown cars are attending the car park at unreasonable hours taking advantage of the darkness. We have been patrolling the area regularly, unfortunately we have not come across any suspicious individuals in those places. Southgate SNT would much appreciate your support in regards to this matter, as we feel your input with Enfield Council would speed up the process of resolving the street light.

Please see CC’d Mr Khalid Ali who has brought this to our attention.

Kind regards,


Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Iaonnou,

Thank you for your email with regard to a faulty street light near to 75 Dalrymple Close in the private car park.

I have asked our service provider to check all the lighting in Dalrymple Close that we maintain and they have confirmed that they are all in full working order.

Unfortunately the faulty street light in the private car park is not maintained by us, this may be maintained by a management company and is normally part of a service charge paid by the residents.

I hope this answers your enquiry.


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