Oakwood Estate (Vale, Fountain Crescent etc) hedges- MEQ

Response details:

Dear Cllr Stephanos Ioannou,

Thank you for raising your inquiry with us regarding the butchery that has happened along the Vale and across the Oakwood Estate. In response to your inquiry, we do apologise for the inconvenience caused. However, we were told there were thefts in the area due to the height of these hedges as it was difficult to see the cars. Therefore, the team had to trim them lower with no intention of causing damage to make it easier for all the cars to be seen when they drive by. However, be assured your concerns for the team to be considerate next time and the leaves left have all been received and promptly passed on to the department and team supervisor to be investigated and resolved. The team responsible for this request will keep up with the standard and maintenance going forward.

Kind regards,

Original enquiry description:

Department, I want to bring to your attention. The butchery that has happened along the Vale and across the Oakwood Estate. When I mentioned to the department that we needed to trim the grass verges Antrim the hedging I did not expect The department to respond in the way that they did by basically massacring the hedges, even though they are all completely healthy now, their branches completely show. This is a direct result. Of the inconsistency within the council in trimming the hedges and hence they have grown out to such an extent that their branches basically consume and dominate the hedging. Therefore, there are no leaves left. To make matters even worse, the department have left all the leaves on the side, and they have cemented themselves on the concrete. Of the highway and therefore made the area look tacky. Only with a torrential downpour will these patches go. Can I please therefore ask for the department and their contractors or in-house team to be a little bit more considerate when they trim these hedges? Because they have taken years if not decades to bring to this point and the fact that they have been massacred in this way means that they will never return to the original beautiful state of which they were Thank you.

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