Parking: Leigh Hunt Drive Car Park Concerns- MEQ

Original Email:


The nature of the email included a conversation on antisocial behaviour, and concerns by residents regarding Minchenden Car Park on Leigh Hunt Drive.


Good afternoon Cllr Ioannou, I refer to your email concerning the closing of Minchenden car park in the evenings.

In the past the car park did suffer from some anti-social behaviour. It was therefore decided to install flood lighting and a CCTV camera that is monitored 24/7 at our CCTV centre at Clavering’s. If the operators spot anything untoward this is reported to the police and Parking would be notified about any issues. To date nothing has been reported.

Minchenden, car park is used by the public during the day and in the evenings by people using the underground due to its close proximity. If this car park is closed in the evenings motorists will park on residential streets or even drive into London which the Council wishes to discourage.



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