Dear Cllr Ioannou

CRM MEQ 20111 – 62a high Street N14

Thank you for your report regarding the goods on the public highway at the above location.

On the 26th September the court found the owner guilty of obstruction of the highway under section 137 of the Highways act 1980, and gave 28 days to clear it up.

The 28 days has now expired, and we can use section 137ZA of the same act to apply for the power to remove the obstruction.

The next steps will be to apply to the court for a hearing in the matter to prove to the court that the offence is continuing and it is in the owners power to remove the obstruction.

If the court accept our application and we prove the case, the owner will be liable to a fine.

If he is convicted of the above , we can exercise our powers to remove the goods and recover the amount from him.

Our legal team has advised us to gather as much evidence as possible showing the offence is still happening (25 0ctober 2019)

Kind regards


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