Meadway Enforcement Camera- MEQ

Original Email:

Please confirm when these cameras will be active as residents and councillors have not been informed.

Please confirm the penalty charge.

I do not remember any discussion around the placement of cameras at this junction.

Please confirm when this was decided.


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email.

The signs at the Meadway are to communicate that there is no entry through the planters for motor vehicles. This is a sign that motorists should recognise as it is in the Highway Code. That said, we will look to try and increase awareness of the meaning of this sign. The sign illustrating a camera is to communicate to drivers that the restriction is enforced by a camera and as such ignoring the restriction could result in a penalty notice. The camera itself is simply a method of enforcement. It is the traffic sign which provides the order that drivers should observe.

If paid in 14 days is £65 otherwise £130

21 thoughts on “Meadway Enforcement Camera- MEQ

  1. I’ve just paid a parking fine for driving through the planters on the Meadway being unaware of the new system, a lorry working at the main road end obscuring the sign and no turning point when approaching the road narrowing and the camera.
    I did park on a vacant marked parking bay whilst attending the auction house on business. In the current climate it’s good to see Enfield Council taking such draconian steps to prevent people lawfully trying to make a living. I have no intention of driving to the auction in the near future because of the ridiculous driving restrictions and I hope the money I spent keeping that business and those people employed is replaced by the residents of Meadway.
    The fact that it took me 20 mins to find a way out of the road system and blockages and the additional 20mins queuing to get back into the main traffic flow at Southgate tube entrance will I hope not be causing the residents to choke on the carbon monoxide fumes emitted by endless queuing traffic

  2. My husband is a window cleaner and works in the Meadway, he uses his van for his Pole system as it carries his water tank. He got 2 tickets within days of one another and as a result will have to lose his customers in The Meadway. Given the struggles everyone has faced this year how is this fair? Why was this not made clear, whilst the intention may be good, the timing us not, it seems it is solely intended to catch people out.

    1. Hi Susan

      It is indeed intertidal that your husband like ambit others have been ticketed during a period where family purses have been negatively affected. The signage is poor and the way it has been implemented suggested to me it’s more of a cash cow scheme.

  3. I have just received a PCN for driving through the Meadway last week. I am not a frequent visitor to Southgate and as such was not aware of the badly placed signage. I have sent an email to Enfield explaining my concerns but do not hold out any hopes that they might be lenient. As explained by others i am a pensioner and cannot afford the £65.00 or £130.00 fine
    Disgusted Enfield resident.

    1. Hi Robert, Thank you for your message here. I have tried in the past to appeal PCN’s for residents- until the leagal deparment got invovled and said residents must make their own independent representations. I have also tried to resolve the issues through email and they emailed back saying it must be done formally on the portal. Therefore I cant jeopardise your appeal and get involved, but we can instead echo the poor singnage and ask for more clarity on approach to the Meadway caerma so innocent people dont get caught out

  4. I have received a Pcn in december for the same reason. It was my first time seing the sign that they put up. I got my licence 10 years ago and do not remember this road sign. I have appealed and explained that the sign was confusing and I can not afford to pay the fine because due to covid I don’t work as much and I have 3 kids to look after. They replied 6 weeks later rejecting my appeal. Do you think it worths it if I appeal their decision?

    Its a shame how they do not consider peoples struggle during the pandemic and how everyone is battling to survive financially and emotionally.

    1. Hi Gul,

      I am sorry to hear of your experience. The council has raked in over £1.5million from this scheme in fines and mostly defend it by saying the signage is clear- when I agree with you in saying it isn’t.

      I can’t however get involved in the legality in your appeals that’s something you must do. I hope you understand o can’t give legal advice.

  5. Hi Stehanos,
    I have just received a PCN for driving through the Meadway on 15/01/21. I used this route for the last 15 years, I was not aware of the badly placed signage. I have an SUV with high driving seat. The signs are very low and confusing. When you drive trough you don’t have a time to look at the low signs because your concentration is taken by not hurting the big and large plotters. In my opinion the signs should be higher and to clear the confusion they should put no through red signs instead.
    I have received a letter only yesterday but it stated that the date of this notice is the 22/01/21.
    Do you think you can help me by advising if it is wise to appeal?
    Do you think I will stand a chance?
    Many thanks
    Disgusted Enfield resident.

    1. Hi Sami

      The appeals process becomes a legal issue and thereofre I cant really get involved as I dont have a legal background.
      I would however say if you DID want to pursue it….
      Mention the poor signange, dark weather conditions if applicable, and the fact that the design should accomodate the fact it is tecnically no entry.

  6. I went through this today so awaiting a pcn letter soon and the two plant boxes are too far apart , drivers will just drive straight through , if they don’t want cars etc driving through they should put up NO ENTRY ⛔️ SIGNS up and move the plant boxes close together.

      1. Terrible!!!! exactly why is there no entry signs up just conning people in making more money they are most prob laughing on how many people go through it a day easy money made! Signing is laughable it should say no entry or the plant pots made closer together so no one can get through this has been done by purpose by the council to make money take take take!!!

  7. I too have just received a penalty notice. I do not drive this way frequently, was travelling in the dark and certainly did not see any signage informing me that I was not permitted to drive through.
    As others have said obviously very poor signage.

  8. PCN received for driving through the planter gap, the signage is Discusting for this road, surely an NO ENTRY sign is the right thing to do.Enfield Council must be very rich penalising driver through Meadway.
    Is this fair when we have a poverty situation with Covid people loosing there jobs and increases in cost of living, then the ULEZ charge, might as well give up work and let the state keep us, then the government will be in bother, If Enfield Council is getting all this money surely they can afford proper signage

    1. Hi, if you check on ‘The Freedom of Information” you will find that Enfield have made millions from just this one MEQ.

  9. Just received a fine for driving in the meadway – didn’t see the signs and planters positioned to give easy access. What an obvious and cynical way of fleecing people at a time of economic crisis for all! Am disgusted

  10. I just got a fine , again not seeing the sign
    Where is the No Entry sign?
    Is this just a cash cow for Enfield Council

  11. i am not a local person and having missed the road i wanted i innocently turned into there to turn round.i am nearly 80 years old and did not notice any signs but received 2 tickets timed i minute apart.!
    who introduced this racket? wouldnt we all like the road we live in to be for us only? i used to visit friends there and i knew nothing of these restrictions.
    as with every one else my appeal was rejected.
    as for the letter attached to the rejection letter,i have never read such a ridiculous gobbledy gook lot of garbage.
    guess a councillor or some siilalar lives there and pushed this through

  12. I have just received a pcn for the Meadway . Despite comments here requesting No Entry signs etc being put up two years ago, nothing has still been done. I am not an Enfield resident, but was visiting friends in the area, I am also a pensioner. We are having a cost of living crisis and EBC still perpetrate this Cash Cow. Isnt it about time something was done to stop it? Do Enfield Borough Council consider themselves above the law? Given the fact that despite the issue being raised many time sin the past three years, why hasnt the elected representative sorted it out?

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